If you have outsourced someone who is not proving to be the most perfect for the job, then you should look for someone else and do all that is necessary.

But wait.

How are you going to know that the outsourcing you did, is not going in the right direction?

Well, there are some early signs that if you keep an eye on them, you would be able to take a good decision in time and get your company out of trouble before it’s too late.

Wondering what those signs are.

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If you have done accounting outsourcing or some other field, you might find that the result is turning to disaster when you keep an eye on the following signs.

  • Communication is not clear

Communication is the key to a better relationship of outsourcing. The clearer the communication is, the better the results will be. If the third party is not answering your calls, is not attending to your emails, and is ignoring any medium of communication, then something is not right and you have to be alert.

  • Too many excuses

If you feel that endless excuses are coming from the third party, then it must be something not right. Once or twice, you can accept the excuse if they are failing to deliver what they have committed to, but when it is frequent, it is something to be worried about.

  • Too many expenses

If the vendor of the services is asking for too many expenses, more than that you had committed for then it might be something fishy going on at their end. An occasional demand for the money is something just right as the vendor might be looking forward to adding something better to the task but if it is becoming a usual thing, you need to take action.

  • Innovation

When you outsource the services of a vendor, you are committing to terms that they would work according to you. But if you see that there is innovation in the things that the vendor is doing, then it means they are going afar from what they had committed to.

Outsourcing is the approach that is meant for providing you with ease and comfort. If it is troubling you, then it is not going in the right direction and you need to change it in time.

How to know that outsourcing is turning into a disaster?

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